Mom greases pole to prevent squirrel from stealing bird seeds; the aftermath is hilarious

re you familiar with the saying “if you don’t succeed, try again?” It seems like this squirrel knows about it, for it is not willing to give up its activity until the final breath. For one woman, living in the woods equals paradise. She gets to be one with nature, […]

Orphaned kitten adopted by a dog who lost her puppies- a sad story with a happy ending

A tiny kitten that was orphaned was taken to a sanctuary. Her life turned around when fate met her with a dog who had also lost her puppies a while ago. Il Gattaro d’Aleppo is a refuge for abandoned cats that were behind during the war in Syria. Mohammed Alaa […]

Dog is given away to an owner but not before the puppy and mother shared a final last moment

A heartbroken mother was forced to say goodbye to her puppy who had been adopted in central China. The mixed-breed stray pooch had been under the care of students at the Zhengzhou University, and had given birth to a litter of seven puppies mid-September. The video that was filmed on […]

Benny, the world’s first dog-figure-skater Labrador shows off his skills after being taught by his owner

A cute Labrador has become the world’s first dog to skate on ice. His owner, Cheryl Del Sangro, saved him from euthanasia at a shelter when he was just a few months old, and ever since, she has been teaching him how to skate. The woman, has since taken Benny […]

A dog slips in a pool and starts drowning until his best friend- another dog saves him

Though they are a man’s best friend, dogs can be pretty loyal to their peers as well, especially when their lives are in danger. When Remus spotted his friend, Smokey, drowning, he jumped in to save the dog without a moment’s doubt. Jay Becerra and his wife Laurie from Arizona […]

Did you know that Tigers Chuff instead of Purr when they are happy to see something or someone the like?

I am sure that you have all heard about a cat’s purr, this is the sound that cats make in order to show that they are happy or content. Well, as Tigers cannot purr, they equivalent sound to make when they want to let us know that they are happy […]

The never-ending cuteness of a baby elephant, an adorable moment of giggles will put a smile to your face

It is never a dull moment if you work in an elephant sanctuary and you have to deal with baby elephants. They are the most adorable creatures of this world, they make you smile and they are the cutest. This is a video showing a 6-month-old elephant being filmed while […]

An extraordinary bond between a Grizzly Bear Cub and Casey: The story starts with the cub being rescued to becoming Best Man at the wedding.

Casey Anderson loves spending time in the wild and exploring the unknown, he is very curious and has dedicated his life to this world. During one of his expeditions, Casey found an abandoned grizzly bear cub in the wild, the cub was all alone and there were no signs of […]

A lookalike tiger cat, is the cutest thing you have ever seen and it makes us all wonder if he is real or not

It is not every day that we encounter a tiger looking cat, however, they do exist and a lot of people own them as pets. The gorgeous cat shown in the picture and the video is Bengal cat who lives in Belgium and is owned by Rani. The cat’s name […]