A dog slips in a pool and starts drowning until his best friend- another dog saves him

Though they are a man’s best friend, dogs can be pretty loyal to their peers as well, especially when their lives are in danger. When Remus spotted his friend, Smokey, drowning, he jumped in to save the dog without a moment’s doubt.

Jay Becerra and his wife Laurie from Arizona caught the event on the security footage camera. The amazing rescue took place in their backyard’s pool in Arizona.

Laurie stated in a Facebook post that both dogs love to play around the pool a lot. Though Smokey isn’t a very good swimmer, they are always supervised when near the pool area. It so happened that this time both of them passed the fence however.

The video sadly shows Smokey drowning and struggling to keep his head above water, as Remus is panicking about his friend. He wanders and runs around for some time, trying to figure out how to solve this issue, and finally comes up with a plan and jumps on the water. Remus manages to push Smokey from underneath the water just enough so he can get a grip of the ground and pull himself up.

After all, that’s what friends are for- to help you in times of need!

Laurie stated on the post that though Remus is a little bit of a crazy dog, he truly has an amazing, golden heart! We can sure see that.

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