Adorable Dog Wears Lion’s Mane


Tucker had always dreamed of being a lion. He imagined languid days on the Serengeti, punctuated with thrilling hunts, watching the lionesses chase down wild antelope, and then moving in for his share. When he thought about it enough, he could even feel the hot, dry wind blowing through his luxurious mane.

While Tucker may never be a lion (and we don’t need to let him know lions are cats, after all), at least part of his dream could be fulfilled. He could dominate his pack of friends with the most glorious mane of them all.

And this is how Tucker got his mane.

Update: lots of people have been asking where to get faux fur, and this stuff looks pretty good! Lots of appropriate colors, and not a bad price for what it is.

Adorable Dog Wears Lion's Mane

The most majestic good boy of all time 😍😍

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, September 10, 2018

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