Dog patiently awaits his human to give birth; first reaction of meeting the baby has us all in awe

Weimaraners, the gray coated dogs with weary expressions and a unique beauty are known to be very kind and loving toward their humans- big humans and little ones alike. Needless to say, such descriptions classify them as perfect to have in a family. This is exactly what a couple from […]

He Goes To Shelters And Asks For The Dogs No One Else Wants. This Is Who They Gave Him.

The adoption process for animals at shelters is a bit cut throat. People who come in looking for a new addition to their family often want a cute and cuddly dog. Many want puppies that they can train and impact their personalities. Older dogs and those with behavior problems are […]

Man Rescues Dog From Slaughterhouse And She Won’t Stop Hugging Him

It isn’t unheard of (though it is absolutely disgusting and upsetting) for restaurants in Cambodia to serve dog meat. Because of this, there are many meat farms that are essentially slaughterhouses. Michael Chour, founder of The Sound of Animals, created his organization to save dogs from the meat trade in […]

Foster Dad Who Refused To Euthanize This Puppy Heartbroken After What The Vet Tells Him

When Nubby, the puppy, was born without his front legs, the only reasonable thing to do according to the vets was to put him down. Although his mother didn’t reject him, he wasn’t able to keep up with his siblings and found it quite difficult to get to her to […]