Rescue Dog Is Obsessed With Riding On Horse Friend’s Back

“She hopped up onto Spanky’s back from the step stool … and that day they became inseparable.” When a woman approached Francesca Carsen and Steve Rother about taking in a 2-year-old miniature horse who was apparently aggressive toward both humans and other animals, they weren’t sure what to think. The […]

Pony Is Neglected For 10 Years, Has Hooves So Long He Can Barely Walk

Did you know that, much like our own fingernails and toenails, horse hooves need to be trimmed every few weeks if they don’t live in the wild on rocky terrain? Unfortunately for one neglected Shetland pony, his owner either didn’t know or just didn’t care, because when volunteers from the […]

Man rescues chained wild horse, But moments later receives the most incredible thank you for saving it’s life.

Horses are majestic creatures, filled with compassion and beauty, sadly, not all people treat them as such. Most people are great with these beautiful creatures. However, in parts of the world, it’s common practice to join a horses front or hind legs. People do this to prevent horses from escaping […]