Vallë a ekziston jetë pas vdekjes? Ja se çfarë thuan shkencëtarët!

Dritat e ndritshme, kujtimet e çuditshme dhe perceptimi i shkëputjes nga trupi: këto janë vetëm disa nga ndjesitë e përshkruara nga ata që kanë qenë afër vdekjes. Tani, një studim shkencor ka treguar se ka jetë pas vdekjes. Këto eksperienca janë treguar edhe më herët edhe pse janë parë me […]

What Is the Ruling of Moving Forefinger during Tashahhud ?

Questions: As-salamu `alaykum. What is the detailed explanation for moving the forefinger during tashahhud? Is there any hadith about that Answer: Dear brother in Islam, thanks a lot for your question, which shows your keenness on abiding by Allah’s laws and teachings. May Allah enlighten our hearts with the light […]

Snake-handling preacher gets nailed by rattlesnake who thought Jesus would save him

Horror moment US pastor is bitten by a deadly snake during a service leaving him drenched in blood Here in Ozzyland, we’re pretty well-renowned for our deadly snakes and legends like Steve Irwin who wrestle them. In the States though, there’s a group who do things a bit differently. They’re […]

WATCH: Muslim man returns wallet to stranger because Islam teaches him to do so

The man returns the wallet with £220 saying he did so because he is a good Muslim, and Islam teaches its followers not to keep other people’s money because it is forbidden. As the world seemingly turns more and more Islamophobic and there is a rise in the instances of […]