Hidden Cameras Reveal The Crazy Things Animals Really Do When No One’s Watching


Every pet owner leaves the house for work and then wonders…just what do pets do all day? We imagine they get into all kinds of shenanigans when we’re not looking, but that’s impossible, right? Well that imagined behavior, as it turns out, is reality for some animals — just not the ones in our homes.

Thanks to these brilliant little motion-activated, night-vision equipped cameras, we have evidence that some animals out there get pretty weird when no one’s looking. In fact, the secret lives of these wild animals are even wackier than we could imagine!

“There we were, having a nice, quiet dinner…then BOOM. Typical Mike, going berserk over a little flash! Can you believe that guy sometimes? I mean really.” While the two deer on the right were keeping their cool, it seems the guy on the left is a little shell-shocked to say the least. Oh deer!

Are they gazing at the stars? Are they laughing hysterically at a good joke one of them told? Of course not! They’re just your regular wolf-pack howling at the moon, and it is pretty cool to see them so up close (without being eaten, that is).

This looks like a classic battle of “who wore the antlers better?” Was it Stevie, the real life deer with the fluffy white tail, or Ernest, the plastic decoy/replica who’s missing a foot? Clearly Ernest won, and Stevie was none too pleased about it.

While the deer remain unaware of the fact that they’re being watched, this raccoon is definitely on to the hidden cameras. Someone’s looking a little guilty… what was this little guy up to?

Is this bear shooting hoops, dancing, or washing his paws in a shower? Either way, it’s quite unsettling to see a bear standing upright with its paws in the air like it just don’t care.

What are you looking at, punk? You enjoy spying on wild animals in the dark with your hidden cameras, don’t ya? How would you like it if you were always being recorded? Oh wait, you have Snapchat and Instagram. Move along then.


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