Husky throws a temper tantrum in the tub


Kids, we know can get very stubborn at times when they really don’t like doing something. Did you know however that dogs can get that stubborn as well? They say that huskies especially are prone to feeling this way. This husky is a prime example of that; he decides to throw a temper tantrum in the tub. Zeus, loves to play in the bathtub with the water on (I know, what are the odds right), and wants the water turned on. His owners however refuse to do so because it is not his bath time yet, but he keeps insisting on.

This is strange right? Sure, we are used to animals ‘complaining’ about taking baths but Zeus is an exception to this case. Does he hate the water too and is just complaining out of stubbornness? We don’t know that. What we know however is that he is one cute husky, and a demanding one too.

Zeus, a seven-year-old husky likes life to be in his own terms. He hates morning runs and whenever his owner demands him to run, Zeus voices out his complains in loud-and-clear howls.

Huskies are indeed adorable dogs and are the closest in physical appearance with the wolves. The term “husky” actually is an umbrella that includes different sleigh dog breeds, such as Alaskan malamute and the American Akita to mention a few. They are super intelligent and very energetic dogs.

Husky throws hilarious mid-day temper tantrum

That's a definite NO.

Posted by Rumble Dogs on Thursday, March 9, 2017

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