Man is 200 miles into his trip when he hears barking coming from his front bumper

A man from China was 200 miles into his trip when he heard a barking noise come out from his bumper. I know right? Stunned and caught by surprise, the man pulled over to investigate what had just happened.

Then he saw it! A puppy was stuck in front of his bumper and yet managed to be alive somehow. The driver said that he knew he hit a dog on his way but he had a good reason as to why he didn’t stop (we don’t think any reason would be a good reason in this case but let’s see).

He said that he had been driving super quickly when he hit the dog so he figured that the dog had either died or had run away, so there was no point in checking back. (Told ya, not such a good excuse).

The man proceeded to the vet and the dog was removed from the bumper, about 250 miles from when he was hit originally.

The dog was then taken home and the driver felt it was only fair if he adopted him. He said that the dog had escaped from great danger and that was like a call of the universe for the two to be together.

A lesson we can all learn from this is to stop and check every time we might unfortunately hit an animal (an even better lesson would be to drive carefully, for that matter) Perhaps, they might still be alive and you might be the one to save them (after all, it is your responsibility). We are glad this story had a happy ending.

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