Orphaned Baby Gorilla Just Wants To Be Snuggled

Mother gorillas are one of the most dedicated mothers in the animal kingdom, so when these rescuers stumbled upon a baby gorilla left alone in a wooden crate they were certain his mother was dead and they knew they had to take care of it before it ended up in a circus or at a zoo. After their mother dies, baby gorillas become very vulnerable and can easily become subject to illegal wildlife trade. In order for this to be avoided, the rescuers brought the baby gorilla named Bobga at the Limbe Wildlife Centre. Sandra Henoch, spokesperson for Pro Wildlife of Germany, told The Dodo that “the little one had to start his life in a small cage tied to a pole, because he is probably a victim of the illegal wildlife trade.”

Source: LWC

The staff from the centre is trained on how to take professional care of the animals they take in because it’s really important for these abandoned and/or orphaned creatures to feel they are loved, otherwise they remain timid and scared and the process of adapting them for the life in their natural habitat might be aggravated.

Source: LWC

The Limbe Wildlife Centre is supported by Pro Wildlife whose goal is to release the gorillas in the wild as soon as they are ready to live on their own and to provide for themselves. Bobga now learns how to forage and you can see him in the video below how he enjoys eating some aframomum which is something all gorillas love.

Baby gorilla Bobga enjoying some aframomum

Rescued baby gorilla Bobga has been learning how to forage and now loves his aframomum! For baby animals like Bobga, it is important to teach him how to extract the yummy part out of the aframomum – just like his mother would have taught him. In the wild, gorillas love eating aframomum and so all our primates receive it everyday (sustainably sourced from the local community) to make sure they have a well-balanced diet.#Gorilla #Primate #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Africa #Animal #Rescue

Posted by Limbe Wildlife Centre on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The caretakers from the LWC are now Bobga’s new family. Not only they make sure he is clean and well fed, but they do their best to make his days fun and enjoyable. They treat Bobga as their best friend and use every chance to kiss him and cuddle with the lovely baby. They hope he will grow up into a big gorilla that will have a great life out in the wild among other friends of his kind.

Daily care for baby gorilla Bobga

As it’s Animal Sanctuary Caregiver Day today, we would like to introduce you to Killi, one of our most dedicated animal caregivers. He has worked at LWC for 16 years and has been the Head of Quarantine since 2008. Everyday he shows exceptional commitment to the animals and outstanding leadership skills. Thank you Killi and all the animal caregivers at LWC for your tireless work to improve the health and welfare of all our rescued animals. #AnimalSanctuaryCaregiverDay #Gorilla #Primate #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Africa #endangeredspecies #endwildlifecrime

Posted by Limbe Wildlife Centre on Friday, June 8, 2018

Limbe Wildlife Center’s primate well-being and population manager Peggy Motsch says “Bobga has been busy learning skills from his dedicated caretakers as part of his rehabilitation — including foraging, playing, learning social skills, stimulating curiosity, climbing and grooming,”

Source: LWC

Bobga spends his days cuddling with his caretakers. This is how he and his caretaker friend Alvin Muma take their afternoon naps.

Source: Limbe Wildlife Center/Caters

Being able to receive all the love and devotion will help Bobga easily adjust for the life outside the centre. It’s of crucial importance that he learns how to climb trees, run, and develop his fine motor skills. Thanks to the staff that has all the love for this baby gorilla, he makes unbelievable progress every day.

Baby gorilla Bobga vs football

It's important to give different types of enrichment to animals. See how Bobga reacts to and plays with a football! We're not sure he'll make the national squad but he seemed to enjoy it! #gorilla #enrichment #Bobga #primate #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Africa #football #worldcup

Posted by Limbe Wildlife Centre on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Besides his sad destiny of being left alone without his mommy, Bobga is now one happy gorilla who is surrounded by people who are kind and take great care of him. We all hope that he will soon be able to start a new life in the wild.

(via: We Love Animals)

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